Your contribution brings us one step closer to closing the gap on affordable housing, vital services, career development & support for veterans.

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The Veterans Village relies on corporate and community support to reach our goals in providing veterans with vital needs. With your one-time or monthly gift, we can support those who have served us and our country. Below is a few examples of the needs WisVVA is currently raising funds to meet.


Goal: $13,000

Accessible doors welcome every veteran resident

Currently, five veteran residents find themselves in need of assistance due to various permanent and temporary limitations. These limitations are a result of hip or knee surgeries or a physical condition brought on by other physical trauma.  Our veterans remain active and utilize wheelchair(s), crutches, or walker(s) to continue life in the community, at work and at home: here at the Veterans Village. To provide safe and proper access to a variety of buildings the Veterans Village is in need of installing three ADA-compliant doors and fix sidewalk slabs that have buckled causing an uneven pathway to various buildings on-site.

One ADA-compliant entry door is for the Goodwill NCW Career Services which provides a collaborative space for programs, such as Guitar for Vets, Book Club, Puzzle Night, Coffee Conversation and other community events that promote shared connections. The additional two doors are entry for two residential halls, each with 16 apartments. 

Technology & Educational Resource Center

Goal: $7,500

Critical access for everyday applications & use

Veterans need access to technology to function effectively as consumers, workers, savers, investors, entrepreneurs, and active citizens. WisVVA’s Goodwill NCW Career Services and Community Center Computer Center is being designed to offer computers, scanners, software, and a printer available to veterans for personal work, class-related homework or work-related needs or other projects. Providing a unique and designated area, veterans can interact with fellow veterans and ask for assistance from the on-site Navigator.  WisVVA will provide up-to-date training for today’s high-tech office, as well as a strong understanding of internet and network service offerings, security and fraud services, the latest smartphone devices, accessories and plans.

Veterans will learn that their own knowledge and skills is their most valuable resource and that investing in computer training and knowledge improves the likelihood of their future interaction with the ever-changing world of technology.


Donors who give $15,000 and above will have opportunities to name, in the Veterans Village, a facility, room or area on their behalf or in honor/memory of another, for more information contact


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